It is now available! The tool that you can't do without. An all-in-one implement that can do primary tillage, broadcast seeding and seed covering.

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"If you want to grow and maintain better wildlife on the land you hunt, the establishment of food plots and wildlife openings are an important habitat management objective."


-Brian Murphy

 Executive Director - QDMA

The Brushmaster Jr.

This (ATD) All Terrain Disk has all of the features that have been repeatedly asked for:  Small enough to be utilized with all terrain vehicles and Category 0&I tractors.  More Blades with closer spacing to shatter grass clods more effectively. The cutlipacker which firms your seedbed and also is the cutting depth control and transport for the disc.  Adjustable ball hitch allows leveling of the disk for proper and effective cutting.

The Brushmaster Series

This double offset tandem disk has all of the features that has been repeatedly asked for:  Double Offset Blades that disc the entire path on the first pass.   Shock Bearing Risers which flex to allow the row of blades encountering an obstacle to pull up and over it while leaving the other three gangs in contact with the ground.

"Before you buy another brand, make sure you are getting all of the features that we offer,  i.e., weight, cut-out blades, flex risers, seeder and dragboard, warranty, and quality components.  We want our customers to have the right tool, that is dependable and makes their task easier."

Kendall Lee


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