The Brushmaster Pine Plantation Disk Harrow


BrushMaster Pine Plantation 7-II
BrushMaster Pine Plantation Disk

Managed Pines
Wooded applications including 5th
row stump lanes converted to
feeding and fire lanes.

Food Plots in Pine Plantations

 The two required components of food plots in pine plantations are sunlight and soil disturbance. Sunlight to the forest floor is achieved during the thinning process of the pine plantation. Current methods include the 5th row removal in conjunction with removal of the sub-standard trees in the remaining rows. This method opens the canopy above the 5th row allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor. If nothing is done to these areas after thinning, within the following months the sweet gums and other established hardwoods in this area flourish, resulting in a non-traversable terrain. Within a year the thinned 5th row is grown up in non-merchantable trees that are removing nutrients and water from the pines. Additionally the habitat for wildlife is not improved due to the hardwood component that is thriving in the 5th row.

BrushMaster Pine Plantation 7-II at work!
Quality vegative management
 practice of strip disking
 during thinning.

BrushMaster Disc Harrows

The 5th row can be manipulated to be a food plot until the canopy closes and a fire lane and access throughout the pine plantation’s life by soil disturbance immediately after thinning. The row of fresh pine stumps is the nemesis for soil disturbance in the 5th row. The Brushmaster Pine Plantation Disc is designed to handle this application. Soil disturbance immediately after thinning in the 5th row allows you to introduce seeds that will supply wildlife with lush nutritional growth instead of sweet gum trees. These 5th rows will be your access with backpack sprayers and/or atv/tractor sprayers to remove the hardwood component from the remaining rows of pine trees. These 5th rows will also be fire lanes for prescribed burns to remove excess litter from the thinning operation. If they are maintained with a rotational basis, different crops can be dispersed throughout the pine forest to supply forage and seeds throughout the year for wildlife. After a few seasons the pine stumps have decayed so that the Brushmaster Pine Plantation Disc can be adjusted to totally remove this nemesis. These lanes can then be maintained and manipulated to permanent fire lanes or access roads. Access roads will allow your forester to easily mark trees from the remaining rows for removal so that your forest is left with the best and healthiest trees. The diversity of habitat after a couple of years will accommodate multiple species of wildlife. 

Clover in a Pine Plantation
Clover in a Pine Plantation
within 1 year after thinning.

Tools Technology Advancements

Coontail Farm
Coontail Farm Aberdeen, Mississippi
Left side managed with arsenal & fire
Right side of the lane not managed
Middle managed with the BrushMaster
Pine Plantation Disk Harrow


Green Dollars

Hunting lanes and food plots in a pine plantation are amenities that most landowners only wish for. Through government programs there is funding to aid in these dreams. Strip disking, pine mid-crop release after thinning, wildlife habitat improvements, fire lanes, and prescribed burns are funded through government programs, i.e., EQIP, WHIP, FRDP, FLEP. With help from your forester a plan can be written including practices that have been discussed. Upon implementation of these practices your pine plantation will be a showcase. Additionally for timber company land these practices will increase the hunting lease value.

Managed Pine Plantation
Managed Pine Plantation
 within 1 year after thinning.

Non-Managed Pine Plantation
Non-Managed Pine Plantation
 within 1 year after thinning.

Brushmaster Pine Plantation Disk Harrow

BrushMaster Pine Plantation Disk Harrow 


F.O.B. Yazoo City, MS
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  • 1 year on defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service

  • 2 years on bearings


Cutting Width: 7'3"

No. of Discs: 20

Disc Size: 22 x 1/4"

No. of Bearings: 8

Horsepower Required: 60

Approximate Weight: 2600 lbs (1181.8 kg)

Category II & III

Three Point Hitch

List Price: $9,342.00